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Lesson materials

Music initiation/Beginners:

English language books:

  • Faber Piano Adventure (PA) (for age 6 and +): Lesson, Theory, Performance, Technique

  • Faber First Piano Adventure (for ages 6 and below): 1 and 2

  • Thompson Easiest piano course: first book only

  • Alfred basic piano library: Notespeller 1A, 1B, 2, 3

  • A Dozen A Day: mini, preparatory, book 1

French language books:

  • ABC du piano par Boris Berlin (French Canadian version)

  • Alfred livre de leçon (French Canadian version): leçon, théorie, récital, notespeller (en anglais)

Suggested Apps:

  • Piano Adventure Sightreading Coach (must have)

  •  Note Rush

  • Perfect Ear 

  • Soundcorset 

The Piano Player App

Beginner Book Cover.jpg

This book is created for piano teachers and students who are finishing the music initiation levels of piano learning and advancing into beginner level piano pieces, to play hands together, in non-fixed positions. This book is divided into Baroque period, Classical period and also Romantic and contemporary period.



This is a piano book for pianists who are finishing level 6 of RCM Royal Conservatory of Music piano examinations and advancing to Level 7 or Level 8, according to the 2015 RCM piano syllabus.

Advanced level

Advanced level students will choose their own repertoire from rather RCM (royal conservatory of music) or ABRSM syllabus. 

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