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Opus One Summer Piano Festival
Aug.17-18, 2024 LONDON

Join us for an exciting musical journey at the Summer Piano Festival presented by Opus One Music. Set amidst the vibrant cultural landscape of London, this immersive event promises to inspire and elevate pianists of different skill levels.

Date & Venue: The festival takes place from August 17th to August 18th, 2024, at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music located in the heart of London. Nestled in a captivating artistic ambiance, the venue provides the perfect setting for 2 days of musical exploration and growth. For those seeking to expand their horizons further, indulge in our curated touring activities on August 16th, including Westminster Highlight sight-seeing, and St Pancras Clock Tower sight reading/sight-reading party, offering a unique blend of exploration and cultural enrichment before the main event. 

Masterclasses with Renowned Instructors: Experience the unparalleled opportunity to learn from world-class pianists and instructors who will guide you through intensive masterclasses. Our esteemed faculty brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, offering personalized instruction to help you refine your technique, interpretation, and musical expression.

Performance Opportunities: Take center stage and showcase your talent in our curated participant recital at Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, on August 18th, on a meticulously maintained Steinway 9-foot concert grand piano. 

Collaborative Learning & Networking: Engage in collaborative learning through ensemble rehearsals and chamber music sessions. Connect with fellow participants from around the globe, forging lasting friendships and musical partnerships that extend beyond the festival.

Guided Tours: Immerse yourself in London's rich cultural heritage with guided tours organized as part of the festival experience. Explore iconic landmarks such as the RCM instrumental museum, Handel & Hendrix house, other historic sites and hidden gems, gaining insights into the city's vibrant history and artistic treasures.

Registration & Details: Registration for the Summer Piano Festival & Masterclass is now extended to Jun 30th 2024. Please refer to the application form below for detailed fee information. 

AUG 16

Buckingham Palace

Watch changing guards



St Pancras Clock Tower

Sight-reading party & Welcome to London mixer


AUG 16

Royal Albert Hall

Watch BBC prom concert #36,

Mendelssohn's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'


AUG 17

Royal Academy of Music

Forsyth Room

Piano masterclass by

Prof. Julian Jacobson

Piano professor at

Royal College of Music

and Royal Birmingham Conservatoire



River Cruise

London Eye River Cruise, sunset

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AUG 18

Royal Academy of Music

Duke's Hall

Performance on a 9-foot Steinway model D concert grand piano at Royal Academy of Music's largest concert hall: Duke's Hall 

Dukes hall.jpg

AUG 18

Royal Academy of Music

Duke's Hall

Studio Ghibli theme concert/performance



Royal Opera House

Recommended individual activity



Victoria & Albert museum

Recommended individual activity


AUG 16

Big Ben & Westminster

Sight-seeing iconic London landmarks



Royal College of Music

Guided visit of Royal College of Music Instrument museum

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AUG 17

Royal Academy of Music

Forsyth Room

Lecture on Chopin's nocturnes,

preludes, mazurkas, waltz


AUG 17

Royal Academy of Music

Chamber music workshop "Autour du Piano" 

Musicianship in Ensemble Playing 

Prof. Angus Gibbon

Head of string at

Oundle School


AUG 18

Rehearsal time

Individiaul rehearsal time.

Performance practice at Royal College of Music's Performance Laboratory (Optional and extra apply). 


AUG 18

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea at Caffè Concerto

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Private club in London

Recommended individual activity

Savile Club.jpg
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Harry Potter Studio

Recommended individual activity


Participating requirements:

August 16th:

  • All are welcome to join the touring activites - no requirements necessary!

August 17th: 

  • For performing in the masterclass, an audition is required via video submission. We suggest choosing a piece of music at or above ABRSM Grade 5 or RCM level 8, and less than 5 minutes. The total duration of the masterclass session will last approximately 2.5 hours in total, accommodating a total of 6 students, with each student receiving 20-30 minutes of coaching and feedback. Masterclass repertoire need to be finalized by July 31st 2024. You have the option to solely observe the masterclass if you prefer.

  • For the chamber music workshop Autour Du Piano (means around the piano), you can join as a collaborative piano accompanist to accmpany other instrumentalists. or you may join as an instrumentalist. The duration of chamber music workshop is around 2 hours, with 6 groups with 20-30 minutes per group. We will assign the repertoire 1 month in advance to allow ample preparation time for both pianists and instrumentalists. You have the option to solely observe the workshop if you prefer. 

August 18th:

  • Please send a video recording before July 30th to to be considered. 

  • For the Participants' Concert at Duke's Hall, repertoire requirements are as follows:

  1. For ABRSM Grade 5 and below or RCM Level 8 and below: Prepare 1 pieces lasting maximum 5 minutes in total.

  2. For ABRSM Grade 8 and below or RCM Level 10 and below: Prepare 1 pieces lasting maximum 7 minutes in total.​

  3. Above ABRSM Grade 8 or RCM Level 10: Prepare 1 pieces lasting maximum 10 minutes in total. 

  • Performance durations are approximate, the final duration of each performance is subject to potential adjustments.


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